how echo works

how echo works

At Echo, the currency we use is time, not money. For every hour you give, you’ll earn one Echo, no matter your rank, skill, or level of experience.

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Whether you’re an individual, business or organisation, Echo can help you access support and expertise from like-minded people both locally and globally.

give and take

Give what you can and take what you need

Get familiar with the Echo currency - list your skills and start exploring the opportunities other Echo members are offering.

exchange echos

1 hour = 1 Echo

For every hour you give, you’ll earn one Echo. Start to build your balance and spend your savings.

echo is for anyone and everyone

No matter your industry, field, or practice, it can be a challenge to connect with your community. Join a future rooted in collaboration.

Get the most out of your community with Echo – learn new things and meet new people.
Find your tribe and access the skills and support you need to flourish.
Use your time wisely. Maximise your positive social impact with targeted skills-based volunteering.

Do good, together

If you have Echos spare, you can donate them to other members, or top up your balance by inviting your friends to join.

What our members say

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"Echo is great! It's given me the opportunity to meet with interesting, talented people across London. It's a rewarding and enjoyable way to grow as an individual and a business."

Co-founder at Adventure Stories

"The value I got from Echo is trusting your community, understanding that there are so many people out there that can help you, and to ask for help. Meeting other local entrepreneurs on similar journeys made a huge difference for me."

Founder at REUS London

"Echo has provided me with a network of like minded people who have become firm friends. It has accelerated my business in a way I could never have done on my own. I absolutely love it!"

Founder at Lick & Mix

"Echo was instrumental in the early stages of our community project. The network has supported us with the know-how and tools to better serve our community."

David & Esana
Founders at Vine Connect

"Not only have I found new clients, I've also found a community of folk who have such a diverse skill set; you can find someone here for everything from photography to newsletter design. I've already benefited so much!"

Founder at Brick London