Re-Made in Park Royal

park royal

Echo x Park Royal Design District

September 23, 2022
10:00 - 20:00
Park Royal

Join an exhibition of work by local artists and makers who have sourced their materials from the area's industrial waste.


Echo has been growing our community in Park Royal for the last 2 years. We believe that Park Royal - London’s largest industrial estate and home to 250+ artists and makers - should be a leader in sustainable and circular design.

The proximity of artists and designers, alongside incredibly diverse and plentiful waste streams, provides a unique opportunity to forge new partnerships between the creative and industrial sectors on a big scale.

Discover how innovative local makers have made products from discarded coffee cups, tyres, shredded paper, leather offcuts, marble, rugs, denim offcuts, burlap and more.

Part of this year's London Design Festival 2022, Re-Made in Park Royal will run from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September.

Exhibitors include:

Absolute Beginners

A new factory for Park Royal Industrial Estate where young people can learn how to make the basic goods that were once produced in the area.

Aaron Pereira

Local carpenter and producer of The Park Bench Project.

Bahbak Hashemi-Nehzad

Award-winning designer, researcher and educator with a focus on co-design and social design.

Bill Chieb

Exhibiting a 1976 Corvette restomod, built using 3 different recycled cars (1968 rear end, 2001-2008 engine, running gear and hybrid chassis).

Blast Studio

Inspired by natural ecosystems, Blast Studio created a cycle where urban waste is transformed thanks to fungi and new technology into unique living structures.


An eco-conscious and sustainable denim brand focused on reworking vintage Levi’s to create bespoke pieces and accessories.


Visual Art and Vintage Furniture meet and eventually merge in a mutual, surprising exchange.


Echo is a locally-funded skills and resource sharing platform where you can swap what you need with your neighbours.

Helena Elston

A mixed media designer, alchemist, material researcher and story-teller  driven by the connection of textile, narrative, ecology and body.

Rafael el Baz

A London born and based multidisciplinary designer whose work seeks to engage with the past whilst telling the story of our future through people, place, material and object.

Who is this for?

For anyone interested in expanding their networks and knowing more about Park Royal and it's emerging circular economy bringing industry and art together.

About the host

Re-Made in Park Royal is a live research project, delivered collaboratively between Park Royal Design District, Loom and Echo.

Park royal. no parks, no royals.

Join us at the Re-Made in Park Royal exhibition.

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"Echo is great! It's given me the opportunity to meet with interesting, talented people across London. It's a rewarding and enjoyable way to grow as an individual and a business."

Co-founder at Adventure Stories

"The value I got from Echo is trusting your community, understanding that there are so many people out there that can help you, and to ask for help. Meeting other local entrepreneurs on similar journeys made a huge difference for me."

Founder at REUS London

"Echo has provided me with a network of like minded people who have become firm friends. It has accelerated my business in a way I could never have done on my own. I absolutely love it!"

Founder at Lick & Mix

"Echo was instrumental in the early stages of our community project. The network has supported us with the know-how and tools to better serve our community."

David & Esana
Founders at Vine Connect

"Not only have I found new clients, I've also found a community of folk who have such a diverse skill set; you can find someone here for everything from photography to newsletter design. I've already benefited so much!"

Founder at Brick London

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